If you feel overwhelmed or struggle to keep up with social media it may be time to look at what you are actually wanting to achieve.  Are you investing time, energy and resources in the wrong platform?  The book “Get Good or Get Off – A guide to getting it right on social media” will help answer those questions and much more.

“From the basics of each platform to personal branding and the importance of authenticity, this book is bursting with clarity, motivation and sensible, straight talking advice about social media. ‘Get it and get reading’ – you won’t regret it.” – Mark Williams, ‘Mr LinkedIn’, ETN LinkedIn Training

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“Get Good or Get Off” takes the reader on a journey of discovery on how to “Get Good at Social Media” – Christina Cabrera, Money Mentor to Woman &  Financial Wellness Behavioural Specialist

Get Good or Get Off book coverSocial media is a powerful set of tools, and can facilitate relationships, connect with your customers and build your brand. It can also zap your precious energy, cause stress and lead business owners into a state of marketing delusion.

What if it was okay to let certain social media platforms go?

Two marketing professionals Jo Saunders and Ailsa Page are on a mission to stop Random Acts of Social Media. It’s time to Get Good or Get Off.

This book is your guide to stop feeling overwhelmed and get in control of your social media, so you can relax and focus on your core genius. It will help you with your marketing, social media, time management, networking and business.

“A great read (highly recommended) for anyone who has niggling social media doubts and wants some real insight on how to ‘get good or get off’.”
– Monique Eddy , A Virtual Copywriting Monstar


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“Why should you read this book?
One: it is a book, as much as my business is online I am a sucker for print on paper.

Two: it has the right balance between actionable steps and entrepreneur stories. Heck Kate Lister is featured, need I say more?

Three: this book offers one of the easiest yet most engaging ways I’ve come across to set up your social media strategy.”

– Petra Fisher, LinkedIn Storyteller, petrafisher.com